By Onex Solutions      Jun 19, 2019

“Sorry Maam, my best friend is ill, I can not come.” “Sir, there is an emergency at home, I can not make it today.” “ Madam, I met an accident, I can not come today.”- some of the very common excuses HR executives and recruit managers face whenever they arrange any job interview at their office. Reasons are many, excuses are even more. However, there are many ways to avoid such unwelcomed ‘no-show’ situations.
Consider the following:

  • Help candidate to get organized –
    Make sure you brief the candidate about the venue, time, date and other necessary details for the interview. Also, you can follow up with the candidate for twice or thrice especially if the interview has been scheduled well in advance.
  • Be flexible with timing - A working candidate may face genuine problems to make way to fit in time. Try to be little flexible with the timing and schedule. You can make time after work hour, schedule interview in weekends or alternatively you can inform the candidate that you can reschedule the interview as he informs in advance.
  • Cut interview lag time - Try to schedule the interview as soon as possible. It is better to fix the interview within two weeks or so. Longer lag time might reduce the interest of the candidate.
  • Be friendly with the candidate - Since anxiety is a major no-show reason, try to talk to the candidate in a friendly manner. A friendly conversation might reduce the tension and anxiety of the potential candidate for your company and the job profile.
  • Build a rapport - Talk to the candidate in an individual tone to establish a personal rapport so that the candidate might look for the real persons he has talked to, over the phone. You can build the same relationship through emails as well.
  • Use text or email to send reminders - People tend to take text messages more seriously. You can send text messages like SMS or email to the potential candidate as the reminder and can ask for the confirmation reply. This might look more professional and the candidate will also take you more seriously. At the same time, text message like email will help you to describe your company and its culture in a better way.
  • Induce excitement - A potential candidate will always look forward to exciting work. So you can induce excitement by disclosing about the projects the potential candidate will work on. This might make the candidate more excited to work for your organization.

    To sum up, no show is an essential element in the recruitment process. However, add necessary information and excitement in the pre-interview stage, might help reduce this problem.


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