By Onex Solutions      Jun 19, 2019

The emergence of modern technology has affected all aspects of business and corporate world and the recruitment sphere is no exception to that. Moving beyond the traditional method of headhunting and hiring, the recruiters and HR executives today are using unconventional methods like using social media reference to hire the right candidate to save time and resources. The recruitment process is more precise and fast now. The Survey of Small Business Hiring Challenges found out that around 78% HR recruiter and Headhunters prefer to use social media platforms to hire candidates.
Today, let’s explore how technology has changed the way we recruit:

  • Sourcing and screening –
    The initial stage of sourcing and screening was one of the toughest works in the past. With the emergence of ‘multi-channel -sourcing technology’, sourcing has become painless and easy. Automation can easily be integrated with your internal job posting and career sites so that you can access profiles from all possible sources. As a result, sourcing, and screening are faster, easier and more accurate now.
  • Job posting - A large number of HR professionals said that using social media sites has helped them to manage job posting properly. In fact with the help of social media, recruiters can connect themselves with both the active and passive job seekers alike.
  • Creating brand awareness - Social media also helps to build brand awareness to ease the recruitment process. Researches indicate that more than 70% of hiring professionals have confessed to using brand awareness program through social media to attract the right talent. But apart from fishing the right candidates, HR professionals also use social media to check and verify the professional background of a candidate.
  • Meeting and interviews - With the help of technological advances like automation, hiring professionals can now manage multiple rounds of interview and can send online feedback. Hiring professionals can also go for a multi-panel interview to recruit the best possible talent without wasting much time and resources.
  • Remuneration and compensation management - Automation can be useful in remuneration management as well. With the help of automation, you can uncomplicate basic compensation details like calculating CTC and gross details based on the specifications of your organization.
  • Tracking and onboarding - Technological advances can ease the overall formalities of the pre-offer stage. Like HR professionals can digitally store all the documents of the selected candidates in a hassle-less manner. Thus one can confirm the details of the selected candidates before they come onboard.

    All these and more technological innovations helped the recruitment process a lot. Technology providers are providing new and innovative methods to help and ease the recruitment method in one way or the other.


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