By Onex Solutions      Jun 19, 2019

We spend most of our time at our office or workplace. So, proper behavior at work contributes a lot not only to the personal and professional growth of the individual but the overall work environment of the office as well. This is especially true for the fresh graduates who join the workforce with big dreams. Here are some of the practical reminders on maintaining professional decorum at the workplace:

  • Punctuality –
    Reaching the office at the right time, should be the very basic rule of any workplace. Unless you have flexible timing facility, try to reach office at the time. It is best to stick to the office timing. This habit might be helpful to build a positive impression and at the same time help in appraisals as well.
  • Say no to office gossip - Almost all of us, in any step of our life, might be a part of the office gossip or been a victim of it. In all such cases of idle office gossip, we all end up to lose our own reputation. Also, it harms the interpersonal relationship.
  • Maintain a clean desk - Try to keep your desk and cubicle clean and clutter-free. This will keep your workspace look more organized and polished. Make a habit of throwing used cups, plates, junk food leftovers or useless papers to the dustbin. A clean and organized workplace contributes to the productivity of the employee and at the same time, it maintains the image of the company as well.
  • Ask before taking - Office stationeries like pen, pencil, stapler or scissors are used almost every day. Make sure whenever you need one, you ask for them first. Also, make sure you return them as soon as finish the task.
  • Cell phone manner - It is advisable to keep your cell phone in the silent mood or vibration. A loud ringtone might distract your co-workers at the workplace. Keep this in mind especially when a meeting is going on.
  • Respect privacy - An office colleague might be a good friend or he might be your college buddy, but remember, while at the office you must respect the privacy of the co-worker. Give them their own space.
  • Try not to use a conference room for taking the personal call. Or if you think, you must, try not to occupy them for a long time.


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