By Onex Solutions      Jun 19, 2019

Companies across the world are putting more and more emphasis on the employee induction program. The term, previously synonymous with College students, has gained an important place in the corporate world today. HR professionals and recruiters found induction program an effective tool to retain and manage proper talents in the organisation.
Effective induction session might include few steps like:

  • A mix of formal group sessions
  • Having a short, simple and precise job description
  • A short and brief description about value, vision and mission of the organisation
  • Social benefits and recreation
  • A brief introduction about opportunities, benefits, promotion, transfer policies
  • A brief introduction about the respective departments
  • One to one meeting with the supervisor or the team leaders

These are some of the common elements, HR experts feel , should come under induction session. However, it depends on the particular organisation and the department. Now let’s have a look at some of the benefits of a successful induction session.

  • A proper induction session makes the new employee feel respected and valued. Good induction process focuses on clarifying the job role, responsibility and chances of promotion and other core areas. Thus after a session, the employee will feel himself as a part of the organisation. It motivates the employee a lot.
  • Right induction session is helpful to clarify the doubts related to a new job in a new organisation. A new employee will get a chance to know the right way of doing his job from the very beginning. Thus, induction session can contribute a lot to increase productivity of the employee as well.
  • Proper induction is an excellent place to educate the new employees about various policies of the company regarding critical issues like bullying, sexual harassment and general safety. This might be helpful to prevent untoward circumstances. At the same time, the new employees will also feel safe and secured at the office premise.
  • One of the common frustrations the new employees face, is not knowing the right person to contact when they face any problem or crisis. Such common problems can easily be addressed at the induction session. A number of companies use Buddy and Mentoring program to address such issues in the long run.
  • Induction session increases the reputation and professional impression of the company. This, in turn may add to the customer satisfaction.

These are some of the common benefits of the employee induction program in any company. But the induction session must be organised very shortly after an employee joins a company. A fruitful induction session can contribute to attract and retain the right talent, and at the sametime, might be beneficial to enhance the brand image of the company.


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